FREE mask (1 box) + 60ml sanitizer when spend RM150 & above! 免费1盒口罩+1支60ml洗手液 (满RM150消费)!

大促销 Big Sales


❗️ I Love Malaysia ~ BIG Sales❗️


一丝丝的小惊喜,无限的大幸福就隐藏在我们海鲜皇后的100%益生菌养殖大白虾哦!🥰#鲜嫩多汁 #营养丰富 #饱满细致 #质紧Q弹

Seafood Queens hope to delight your life with our nutritious fresh Vannamei ( White Prawns ) at this moment of your life !! Enjoy every moment as it comes! 

😍即日开始直到16.9 !
From today till 16.9 while stocks last!

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