FREE mask (1 box) + 60ml sanitizer when spend RM150 & above! 免费1盒口罩+1支60ml洗手液 (满RM150消费)!


🐠🐠🐠 没有更好,只有最好 Best-Tasting Barramundi Available ‼️🇲🇾 槟城金目鲈鱼薄片 Penang Premium Barramundi Fillet🐠🐠🐠🌸🌸🌸 ‼️‼️ RM 9 ‼️‼️ 🌸🌸🌸❌ 平常价格normal price RM 12 ❌

🌖🥮 中秋节活动 & 双 10.10 优惠价:😍 Mid-Autumn Festival & 10.10 Promotion🌻 Flavourful******************🧼Mildly sweet & buttery flavoured with incredibly clean tasting!💦Farm in pristine ocean waters with ZERO 0️⃣ muddy or “fishy” taste.🌻 Safe


❌ Hormones or Antibiotics❌ Preservatives and Additives✅Clean 100 % Ocean water & Natural Environment✅ Feed with Probiotics and Small Fries🌻Healthy

☘️ 鲜活加工,急冻锁鲜 ☘️Immediately flash-frozen to lock in all nutrients
🌻 本地无污染100%海水养殖环境,新鲜捕抓上来,急速冷冻,快速地将海鲜的营养和鲜美牢牢锁住,解冻之后口感及营养保持好。The Farm processes the premium barramundi right here in Penang. To ensure Freshness and Quality, Barramundis are vacuum-packed within hours of processing. Hence, FULL nutrients and flavours are well-preserved !!☘️ 严选品质,安全新鲜 ☘️Quality Control. Fresh & Safe. Fine Selection

🌻 鲜嫩肉质,润滑弹性🌻 天然精致,肉片轻盈🌻 原汁原味,品质优质🌻 0添加,0防腐🌻 表皮透亮,富有光泽🌻 丰富胶原蛋白, 营养丰硕🌻煮法多变,老少咸宜

⚠️ 购买后3个月内食用,品质最佳For best quality, consume within 3 months from purchase!

💃🕺马上行动吧!享受鲜美无比的海鲜直达味蕾!Act now! Let’s Seafood Queens take care of your Seafood Needs. Enjoy the Premium freshest catch right at the Door Step ! 

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