FREE mask (1 box) + 60ml sanitizer when spend RM150 & above! 免费1盒口罩+1支60ml洗手液 (满RM150消费)!



槟城 (Penang),吉隆坡 (KL),怡保(Ipoh) 三个地方从今天开始就可以吃到我们100% 海水益生菌养殖系统养殖的新鲜老虎虾和白虾了!🎉🎊




The long-awaited Seafood Queens is finally here! 🦐👑
Thank you so much for your patience and understandings! 🙏

Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh can now enjoy Fresh Tiger Prawns and White Prawns from our 100% Marine Probiotic Culture System! 🎉🎊

No matter where you are, our website allows you to CATCH our PRAWNS anytime, anywhere you want! 🏊‍♀️

No matter any festival, let your family and friends who do not live in the same CITY feel your LOVE AND CARE! 🎈🎁

With just a little touch of your fingers, we will deliver 🚚 the love 💚 and irresistible high value Prawns to the special person in your life right to their doorstep! 💃

🦐 我们自家的鲜虾 Our Prawns 🦐

🌿 南美白对虾 - 本地俗称白虾
Pacific White Shrimps ( vannamei Prawns )

🌊 来自 Manjung and Marina Island 自家超过200公顷的养殖池采用 💯 海水益生菌养殖系统。

Form Our own more than 100 acres 💯 Seawater Prawn Farms in Manjung and Marina Island with Probiotics Culture System!

🌿 老虎虾 Tiger Prawns

🌊来自 Manjung, Marina Island, Sekinchang, Pahang 自家超过200公顷的养殖池采用 100% 海水益生菌养殖系统。

Form Our own more than 200 acres 100% Saltwater Prawn Farms in Manjung, Marina Island, Sekinchang and Pahang with Probiotics Culture System!

💦 捕捞 • 清洗 •速冻
Harvest • Clean • Freeze

❄️ 速冻保存最新鲜的肉质!
Immediate freeze for the freshness of the Prawns.

🎈自家原产地咸水养殖场 - Own Seawater Prawn Farms
🎈益生菌养殖系统 - Probiotics Farming System

🎈新鲜 - Fresh
🎈健康 - Healthy
🎈高营养 - Nutritious
🎈富含蛋白质 - High Protein
🎈富含虾青素 - Rich in Astaxanthin
🎈多种微量元素 - Rich in Trace Elements

🎈肉嫩- Delicate
🎈精致 - Exquisite
🎈鲜甘甜 - Sweet and Juicy
🎈肉质紧实 - Crunchy, Firm, Crisp Texture
🎈口感鲜美 - Delectable
🎈精心挑选 - Selective
🎈色泽诱人 - Vibrant Color & Stripes
🎈活虾速冻 - Instant Freezing
🎈虾体硕大通透 - Huge Transparnet Body

🎈安全 - Safe
🎈纯正 - Pure
🎈高品质 - Premium Quality
🎈HACCP , MeSTI & GMP 认证 Regconition
(Tiger Prawns老虎虾)

🎈无污染 - No Pollution
🎈无肥料 - Free of Pesticide
🎈无添加 - Free of Additives
🎈无抗生素 - Free of Antibiotic
🎈无防腐剂 - Free of Preservatives
🎈无生长激素 - Free of Growth Hormone

🎈适合全家大小 - Suitable for entire Families
🎈适合多种烹饪方式 - 煎,烤,蒸,煮 Suitable for multiple cooking methods -frying, roasting, steaming, boiling

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